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Save Us From the Professional Politicians – Vote for Don Berwick for Mass Governor

If you live in Massachusetts, please vote today for Don Berwick for Governor of the Commonwealth.

Don knows heath care, is world-renowned in the industry, and can certainly go toe-to-toe to with the likely Republican nominee, Charlie Baker (an animal of the insurance industry).

Don is known for his actual management experience. He is a practitioner of lean management techniques which he is uniquely qualified to bring to the Commonwealth.

Don is an intelligent, hard working and nice guy. I met him last year when I was on the campaign trail. Don was working hard introducing himself to as many Democrats as he could well over a year prior to this primary.

Don is the only Democrat who is against the soul-sucking and poverty-perpetuating casinos in the Commonwealth.

Please help save us from another lackluster and impossible loss from Martha Coakley in the fall. Coakley, the woman whose ineptitude brought us Scott Brown and made President Obama’s job so much more difficult after she lost the Democrats a fillibuster-proof majority in the Senate. Don’t just listen to me — here’s an article from the Boston Globe making just that point.

Professional politicians are just that, career folks who are building themselves for the next job. That’s what you’ve got with Coakley and Grossman.

And finally, it’s Don Berwick’s birthday today. Let’s give the people of Massachusetts a great gift: a gubernatorial nominee who can beat Charlie Baker and who would be a tremendous asset on Beacon Hill.